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    OBJECTIVE: To study the effects of implementing a method for surfactant administration by transient intubation, INSURE (i.e. INtubation SURfactant Extubation) during nasal continuous positive airway pressure (nCPAP) for moderately preterm infants with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS).STUDY DESIGN: A descriptive, retrospective, bi-center study in Stockholm, Sweden, comparing mechanical ventilation (MV) rates, surfactant use, treatment response and outcome of all inborn infants with gestational age 27 to 34 weeks and RDS, (n=420), during the 5-year periods before and after the introduction of the INSURE-strategy at one of the centers (Karolinska Huddinge) in 1998. The other center (Karolinska Solna) continued conventional surfactant therapy in conjunction with MV throughout the study.RESULTS: Implementation of INSURE at Karolinska Huddinge reduced the number of infants requiring MV by 50% (P<0.01), resulted in earlier surfactant administration and increased overall surfactant use. The increase in oxygen intake in a hot environment might result from an increased metabolism due to Nike Tn Sale Australia higher body temperature and increased energy requirement for heat dissipation such as profuse sweating, higher heart rate, and increased ventilatory volume. The increase in oxygen debt in a hot environment might reflect the increased metabolism caused by higher body temperature and the increased production of lactic acid in the working muscle as a result of an insufficient blood supply to the muscle. The increases in sweat volume, oxygen intake during exercise, and oxygen debt in women in a hot environment were considerably smaller than corresponding values for men. Graft loss was independently associated with Pre+Post-RBCT (HR 6.5, p=0.001) AMR (HR 23.9 p<0.001) and Non-AMR (6.0 p=0.003) after adjusting for DSA and delayed graft function. Re-exposure to RBCT at the time of transplant is associated with increased AMR only in patients with preformed DSA, suggesting that RBCT provides additional allostimulation. Patients receiving Pre+Post-RBCT also had an increased risk of graft loss independently of AMR or DSA. The osDesign package for R provides a suite of functions for analyzing data from a two-phase and/or case-control design, as well as evaluating operating characteristics, including bias, efficiency and power. The evaluation is simulation-based, permitting flexible application of the package to a broad range Nike Tns Cheap of scientific settings. Using lung cancer mortality data from Ohio, the package is illustrated with a detailed case-study in which two statistical goals are considered: (i) the evaluation of small-sample operating characteristics for two-phase and case-control designs and (ii) the planning and design of a future two-phase study..