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    PURPOSE: To examine the effects of the local anesthetic, lidocaine, on rat retinal ganglion cells (RGC) in vitro and in a modified in vivo assay.METHODS: For in vitro experiments, RGC were dissociated from freshly harvested Long Evan's rat pup retinas. The RGC were incubated overnight with varying concentrations of lidocaine (0.5-12.0 mM). Surviving cells were assayed at 24 hours. This article is a review of the available literature on psychometric qualities and effects of implementation of the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) on quality of care and health of nursing homes residents. The RAI was developed in the USA to assess the needs of nursing home residents. It consists of a comprehensive assessment of the resident (the Minimum Data Set) and 18 protocols (Resident Assessment Protocols) for further analysis of major problem areas. A computer program presented series of pictures of faces that morphed from a neutral emotion into increasing intensities of happiness, sadness, fear, or anger, and participants were asked to identify the emotion displayed as quickly as possible. Results indicated that HH smokers, relative to LH smokers, required a significantly greater intensity of emotion expression to recognize happiness. No differences were found for other emotions across HH and LH individuals, nor did nicotine deprivation moderate relations between hostility and emotion recognition. Dimples on the cuff surface probably increase the surface for N(2)O diffusion. Therefore, fewer dimples result in a smaller surface area through which N(2)O can diffuse.CONCLUSION: During general anesthesia with N(2)O, the intracuff pressure of tapered endotracheal tube cuffs did not increase as rapidly as it did in conventional high-volume, low-pressure cuffs. The pressure in both types of cuffs increased rapidly when exposed to 66% N(2)O, and hence continuous or frequent monitoring is recommended.. Child abuse prevention programs rely on varied strategies to identify, screen, obtain referrals of, and engage high risk parents. Available literature on community-based child abuse prevention projects is not conclusive about project outcomes nor sufficiently descriptive about implementation. From the literature, experience and interviews with staff from more than 20 programs, barriers to implementation are identifiable. The characterization of the influent and effluent was based on general analysis of organic matter (COD), suspended solids, Nike Tn Shoes Online Australia hydrocarbons and phenols. The influent to all experiments was supplied daily from the outlet of a full scale oil-water gravitational separation unit at a petrochemical complex in Haifa, Israel. The influent contained hydrocarbons in Air Max Tn Plus the range of 20 to 77 mg/L.