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    All pigeons recovered quickly (20 +/- 11 minutes), with 95% displaying good to excellent recoveries. No birds exhibited any clinically apparent morbidity or mortality associated with endosurgery. At least 1 male and 1 female bird were subjected to elective euthanasia and necropsy on postoperative days 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 90 to determine the success and side effects of surgery. (Of 4,832 sampled, 813 had invalid addresses or were no longer in the residency program. Among the valid sample of 4,019, the response rate was 65%.) The percentage of residents ranking public hospitals, rural areas, and poor inner-city areas as desirable employment locations and the percentage feeling prepared to provide specified services associated with indigent populations were ascertained. Logistic regressions were used to calculate adjusted percentages, controlling for sex, race/ethnicity, international medical graduate (IMG) status, plans to subspecialize, ownership of hospital, specialty, and exposure to underserved patients during residency. The Gleason score of the tumor at the margin was 6 in 220 (66%, all 3+3), 7 in 88 (26%, 3+4 in 59, 4+3 in 29), 8 in 19 (6%, all 4+4), 9 in 7 (2%, 4+5 in 4, 5+4 in 3), and 10 in 2 (1%) cases, respectively. The Gleason score concordance rate between the main tumor and the tumor at the margin was 69/70 (99%), 83/242 (34%), 5/8 (63%), and 6/16 (38%) in cases in which the main tumor had a Gleason score 6, 7, 8, and 9, respectively. The Gleason score of the tumor at the margin was lower, equal to, Nike Tns For Sale and higher than that of the main tumor in 160 (48%), 163 (49%), and 13 (4%) cases, respectively. This led to his PhD Nike Tns Footlocker Australia thesis and degree in 1980. An important determinant of his early basic scientific training and development was his postdoctoral research fellowship and later many visiting professorships in the Nephrology Research and Training Center (NRTC) at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, USA between 1981 and 1983. Actually, this research fellowship not only impacted his own future career, but it also cleared the path for many other young Hungarian scientists who later trained with Dr. Treatment generally involved increased immune suppression and hematopoietic cytokines (granulocyte colony stimulating factor, granulocyte monocyte colony stimulating factor); however, all but one patient died, most often from sepsis. Early in its course, GVHD was difficult to distinguish from cytomegalovirus disease or drug reactions. The diagnosis was confirmed by demonstration of substantial donor lymphoid chimerism.METHODS: To identify risk factors for severe GVHD, a retrospective analysis was performed comparing index cases with the rest of the cases in our institutional experience.RESULTS: Closely matched human leukocyte antigen recipients, those older than 65 years, and recipients with donors more than 40 years younger were at higher risk for GVHD.