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    Moreover, intracellular expression of BS2 was also detected when cell culture monolayers of J774.1 macrophages were incubated with B. Fragilis ahpC∷bs2 or dps∷bs2 strains within an anaerobic chamber. This suggests that ahpC and dps are induced following internalization by macrophages. P-selectin is of critical importance in early atherogenesis by initiating leukocyte rolling at the site of endothelial injury. In order to validate P-selectin as a candidate target for the development of anti-atherogenic strategies, we wanted to obtain quantitative information on P-selectin expression, and identify novel peptide-based lead structures that interact with P-selectin. P-selectin mRNA expression in the aortic arch and in other tissues of apoE-deficient (apoE-/-) mice was determined by real-time PCR technology. Stably maintaining specific states of gene expression during cell division is crucial for cellular differentiation. In fission yeast, such patterns result from directed gene rearrangements and chromosomally inherited epigenetic gene control mechanisms that control mating cell type. Recent advances have shown that a specific DNA strand at the mat1 locus is "differentiated" by a novel strand-specific imprint so that nonequivalent sister chromatids are produced. Ship motions are recognized by fishermen as a cause of high musculo-skeletal load. In the present study, the motions of a Swedish trawler at sea were registered over three degrees of freedom. Simultaneously, the working postures of a fisherman on board were registered in the sagittal plane during five different working situations: (1) standing erect in still conditions; (2) holding a load of 21 kg in still conditions; (3) standing erect during motion of the ship; (4) standing during motion of the ship, holding a load of 21 kg; and (5) repeatedly lifting and lowering a 21 kg load during motion of the ship. While the pubic symphysis and intracortical morphometry have Nike Tn Shoes provided successful results in estimating age at death, other methods and sites in the skeleton are needed to improve the accuracy of age estimation. This research is an attempt to develop a new age-determination technique by using the sternal extremity of the rib. The right fourth rib was collected at autopsy from 93 white males. (2)H2O and H2(18)O were injected to approximately 160 parts per million excess. Samples of plasma and feces were then collected simultaneously for up to 456 h. Both isotopes were equilibrated with body water at 8 h postdose. Samples were collected for 24 hours over 12 Nike Tn Australia days in each season (i.e., summer, fall, and winter). Wind data were obtained from the area weather station. Data were analyzed using mixed linear models.