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    Kinematic data were collected using an Optotrak, three-dimensional motion analysis system. Knee angles and vertical excursion of the COM during the compression (loading phase) increased as a function of speed but not load. All three estimates of stiffness showed significant increases as a function of both speed and load. Self-assembly of polydentate Schiff base 2,6-diformyl-4-methylphenol di(benzoy1hydrazone) (H(3)L), with dysprosium thiocyanate and sodium azide, affords two novel trinuclear triangular circular helicate dysprosium(III) complexes, [Dy(3)(μ(3)-OCH(3))(2)(HL)(3)(SCN)]·4CH(3)OH·2CH(3)CN·2H(2)O (1) or [Dy(3)(μ(3)-N(3))(μ(3)-OH)(H(2)L)(3)(SCN)(3)](SCN)·3CH(3)OH·H(2)O (2), depending on the presence or absence of base. Single-crystal X-ray analyses show that two μ(3)-methoxy oxygens cap the Dy(3) triangle in complex 1 and that one μ(3)-OH and one μ(3)-N(3)(-) cap the Dy(3) triangle of complex 2, representing the first example of a μ(3)-N(3)(-)-capped lanthanide complex reported to date. Ac susceptibility measurements reveal that multiple relaxation processes and the onset of slow magnetization relaxation occur for complex 1 and 2, respectively. Sport and medicine in ancient Greece were the result of a widespread tradition of liberty, which was at the heart of one of the most brilliant civilizations in history. Whereas war encouraged the development of surgical knowledge springing out of medical experience on the battlefield, peace promoted the burgeoning of sport as an integral part of Greek upbringing, allowing the channeling of young people's aggressiveness into physical competition. Medicine was magical and mythological, especially in the time of Homer (9th century BC); Aesculapius, the mythical god Nike Air Max Tn of healing, was its reference point. Inhibition of the L-type calcium channel and Na(+)-Ca2+ exchanger had no significant effect on the calcium leak. There was no significant lactate dehydrogenase release, indicating that the leak did not occur through major SL defects. No alterations in the asymmetric distribution of SL phospholipids were demonstrated. The role of one or several "toxic" substances secreted by plasmocytes is highly hypothetical. In some cases, the skin abnormalities have regressed after treatment of gammopathy, and in rare patients the recurrence of gammopathy was followed by that of skin lesions. In a few cases, a "paraneoplastic" character may be suspected.. OBJECTIVE: To develop consensus-based recommendations for the conduct of cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA). This article, the second in a 3-part series, describes the basis for recommendations constituting the reference case analysis, the set of practices developed to guide CEAs that inform societal resource allocation decisions, and the content of these recommendations.PARTICIPANTS: The Panel on Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine, a nonfederal panel with expertise in CEA, clinical medicine, ethics, and health outcomes measurement, was convened by the US Public Health Service (PHS).EVIDENCE: The panel reviewed the theoretical foundations of CEA, current practices, and alternative methods used in analyses. Recommendations were developed on the basis Cheap Nike Tn Shoes of theory where possible, but tempered by ethical and pragmatic considerations, as well as the needs of users.CONSENSUS PROCESS: The panel developed recommendations through 2 1/2 years of discussions.