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    In most tissues, CORT receptors did not differ between controls and stressed animals, although we found marginal increases in receptor density in kidney and testes in stressed birds at some time points. Only in pectoralis muscle was there a robust effect of chronic stress, with both receptor types higher in stressed animals. Increased pectoralis sensitivity to CORT with chronic stress may be part of the underlying mechanism for muscle wasting in animals administered exogenous CORT. This genome, and those sequenced from extant spotted (Crocuta crocuta) and striped (Hyaena hyaena) hyena specimens, allows for the establishment of a robust phylogeny that supports a close relationship between the cave and the spotted hyena. We also demonstrate that high-throughput sequencing yields data for Nike Tn 2013 cave hyena multi-copy and single-copy nuclear genes, and that about 50 per cent of the coprolite DNA can be ascribed to this species. Analysing the data for additional species to indicate the cave hyena diet, we retrieved abundant sequences for the red deer (Cervus elaphus), and characterized its mitochondrial genome with up to a 3.8-fold coverage. Desmopressin altered the translation rate rather than the stability of most responding proteins, but it significantly increased both the translation rate and the half-life of AQP2. In addition, proteins associated with vasopressin action, including Mal2, Akap12, gelsolin, myosin light chain kinase, annexin-2, and Hsp70, manifested altered translation rates. Interestingly, desmopressin increased the translation of seven glutathione S-transferase proteins and enhanced protein S-glutathionylation, uncovering a Air Max Tn Air previously unexplored vasopressin-induced post-translational modification. Rhabdoid tumor of the kidney (RTK) is associated with tumors of the central nervous system (CNS) in approximately 15% of cases. We describe the clinical features, histologic and cytogenetic findings, and molecular analysis of renal and CNS tumors from the same patient. The histology of the renal tumor was consistent with rhabdoid tumor. OBJECTIVE: To estimate the medical costs that are attributable to the health effects of meat consumption.METHODS: The prevalence of hypertension, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, gallstones, obesity, and foodborne illness among omnivores and vegetarians are compared in studies that have controlled for other lifestyle factors, and the corresponding attributable medical costs are calculated in 1992 dollars.RESULTS: Direct health care costs attributable to meat consumption are estimated to be +2.8-8.5 billion for hypertension, +9.5 billion for heart disease, +0-16.5 billion for cancer, +14.0-17.1 billion for diabetes, +0.2-2.4 billion for gallbladder disease, +1.9 billion for obesity-related musculoskeletal disorders, and +0.2-5.5 billion for foodborne illness. The total direct medical costs attributable to meat consumption for 1992 are estimated at +28.6-61.4 billion.CONCLUSION: Health care costs attributable to meat consumption are quantifiable and substantial.Comment inWhy America cannot sustain its diet. [Prev Med.